Recreational Boating Information for the Northwest

August 2nd - 4th, 2019
Special Notice To Boaters:
Special restrictions and local regulations have been established in order to promote safety of these events for both performers and spectators alike. These boating restriction and local regulations will be enforced by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Speed zone is limited to "No Wake" south of I-90 and north of Seward Park / Bailey Peninsula. Speed zone enforced Thursday through Sunday night - around 8pm. Rafting behind the logboom is permited behind white bouys lines - no more then 6 boats to a raft. 

Warning To All Boaters: The police (Harbor Partol) and coastguard do keep a sharp look out for BUI's. They will catch boaters and they arrest plenty every year. Boat smart and be safe...

Green Section $495 - (Stern Tie up to 23') 
Logboom Pricing - 2019

White Section $605 - (Stern Tie 24" to 40')
Yellow Section $770 - (Stern Tie 26' up to 60')
Red Section $80/ft, - Broadside 32' Minimum
Black Section $70/ft - Broadside Charter
Seattle Seafair Logboom is reserved for paying customers from 6:00 a.m. Friday, August 2nd, through 6:00 p.m. through the 4th.
Click here to purchase Logboom Credentials.
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Seafair is the culmination of the
month-long Seafair Festival and
it is undoubtedly the "Seafair
weekend" that thousands look
forward to each  summer. The
action-packed weekend  includes
the fastest powerboats in the
world, the Unlimited

Seafair weekend also provides thrill seekers with the 
incredible Blue Angels. The Air Show at Seafair will also 
feature spectacular civilian and military performers, including some new and returning favorites.

In addition to the high-speed action on the water, there are also a wide variety of entertainment options for the whole family on land. Genesee Park will be filled with food & festival vendors, wine & beer gardens, and live music.
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Basic Logboom Information:
Logboom passes are not required on Thursday. The Logboom is reserved for customers with passes from 6:00 a.m. Friday - 6:00 p.m. Sunday. Should the Logboom become full, all vessels without a space on the Logboom must exit Zone 1 and Zone 2 no later than 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, noon on Friday - Sunday. Logboom passes can be  purchased in advance from Seafair or call 206-728-0123.

Boats that tie up to the boom should enter under I-90 / Northwest side or from the south side of Lake Washington off Seward Park / Bailey Peninsula. Some exceptions may be given. Would recommend arriving early. Seafair would also like you to remain at the boom until the Blue Angels show is over. Only exception would be an emergency situation.

You can click here to purchase credentials for the logboom. If you're purchasing credentials for the first time, get your information in as early as possible and make sure you have a picture of your boat and know your vessel reg. numbers. 
General Boater Information: (Not on the boom)
New Information for 2019...
For those boaters that wish to partake, there are a few things to know. No boats will be able to enter the area South of the I-90 bridge and North of Bailey Peninsula which includes Seward Park / Andrews Bay and across to Mercer Island until the Blue Angels Air Show is completed which is roughly 4pm in 2019. Upon completion you can enter the course area...but there will be restrictions. Read down as we will cover these issues… 

Information before the Blue Angels fly: 
North of I-90 – The morning of, you may anchor at your own risk (it gets extremely rough with boat traffic) but most float around. There will be buoy markers about 300 yards off the bridge. You must stay north of these buoys at all times. 

Bailey Peninsula / Seward Park – From the north tip of Bailey Peninsula east to Mercer Island, you’ll be able to anchor. No boats beyond this line. Coastguard, Log boom patrol and police boats will be patrolling. Buoys will mark the line. No boats will be allowed into Andrews Bay until the Angels complete their show. 

Information after the Blue Angels fly: 

I-90 North – Around 15
minutes after the Angles show
is complete, you will hear one
of the patrol boats sound their
horn. At that time, all vessels
may enter the course area.
The only way to enter is the eastside overpass of the bridge. (west side in for log boom boats only) A patrol boat will lead the way as every vessel attempts to enter all at once. Be very careful as it gets a little crazy! 

Once you’ve made it under the bridge, you may anchor out beyond the anchored buoy lines which are about 100 yard off the log boom. This goes for the entire course. Any vessel attempting to enter the log boom zone 1 without credentials will be stopped! no more than 6 vessels per raft.  

Bailey Peninsula / Seward Park
After the Blue Angels show is over, patrol boats will sound a
horn and lead you to the course. At this time, those who wish to stay in Andrews Bay for the day and or night may do so. Be aware you’ll have to leave the next morning by 8am and move around the point. You can return to the bay after the Blue Angels complete their show. Some call this the Andrews Bay Shuffle! Again, not more then 6 boats per raft. 

Please note for 2019: 
Seafair is reporting to close 
Andrews Bay up to 6pm or 
longer, as long as the race 
course is open each day. 
We've received conflicting 
information on this from Seafair staff so we are still attempting to verify as of July 1st, 2019.

Media Information: Radio and TV

Log Boom Radio > If you'll be joining the Log Boom this year, make sure that you tune-in to 88.9 FM, Mercer Island High School's radio station, where they will be simulcasting the races, air show, and other exciting events during Seafair Weekend. During the weekend, the station will be re-named "Log Boom Radio."