Recreational Boating Information for the Northwest

Brownsville Marina
  • Gas: $    |  Diesel: $   
  • Located: Burke Bay
  • Phone: 360-692-5498

Des Moines Marina 
  • Gas: $    |  Diesel: $
  • Located: East Passage
  • Phone: 206-824-5700 (ext 1)​
Fuel Dock listings and fuel prices in the Puget Sound area from Olympia to the San Juan Islands. Prices can change without notice. For current day fuel prices we suggest calling fuel docks.     

Note: Some fuel docks offer discounts for cash, volume, Boat U.S. members and yacht clubs. Always be sure to ask.

       = Ethanol Free  |  * Diesel price underscored - posted w/o sales tax
Ethanol Gas | Fuel: E10 | E15

Most marina fuel docks use ethanol free fuel but you should always ask and call around. All marine engines sold in the United States are designed to operate on fuel containing no more than 10 percent ethanol. Engines built before ethanol became popular for environmental reasons, (past 10 years) have minimal safeguards from the damage alcohol fuels will cause. Click here for more information.
Pump-Out Locations around Puget Sound:

Find pump-out stations online through Wash St Parks & Rec website. You will find maps and locations throughout the state. Note: each fuel page lists pump-outs in their respective areas.
From Tacoma to Point Roberts, They offer you a convenient alternative to the pumpout station.
Fuel Docks
Marine Fuel & Pump Outs
Terry & Sons 
Mobile Marine Pumpout Serving Lake Washington. Free service.

SS Head 
Marine Pump Out Service has been doing the dirty work for Seattle boaters since 1990. Service area: Lake Union and Shilshole.

Best Marine Fuel Prices in Puget Sound: Updating
Edmonds Marina
  • Gas: $    |  Diesel: $     
  • Located: Port of Edmonds
  • Phone:425-775-4588

Port of Kingston 
  • Gas: $    |  Diesel: $      
  • Located: Appletree Cove
  • Phone:360-297-3545

Marine Fuel Tax Refunds:

Some boaters are not aware you can receive a tax refund when purchasing fuel at a fuel dock. If you use 200+ gallons through a year, you should take a look. Click here for more infromation at RABW. If you want to file a claim, click here.  Note: This applies more for Gasoline than Diesel.
Fuel Price Updates: e-mail notifcations
Would you like to be notified when prices are updated? Fill out the request information form and we will add you to our notification list.
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South Sound
The Lakes
Central Sound
North Sound
San Juan Islands

Mobile Pump-out Services in the Puget Sound Area: