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Information on how to apply for your Washington State Boater Education Card. 
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Over 1,500 children and teens die every year in the U.S. from drowning. In Washington state, an average of 25 children and teens drown every year. Most of them are swimming, boating or just playing in or near water. The Washington State Drowning Prevention Network and Seattle Children’s work together to provide you with information and resources on water safety and drowning prevention. We can prevent drownings if we all do our part!   >>>   See more on Water Safety and Drowning Prevention for All Ages at >>
Seattle Children's Hospital.
United States Power Squadrons:
USPS Organized in 1914,  is a non
profit, educational  organization 
dedicated to making boating safer
and  more enjoyable by teaching
classes in seamanship,  navigation and related subjects. Local squadrons offer boating safety courses on a regular basis to boaters in our communities. These courses are open to the public and there is no age limit for participants.
View other boat safety and training options here:
Find a classroom course near you...The class schedule (PDF download) reflects all upcoming classes reported to State Parks from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron and independent instructors. 
United States Maritime Academy
USCG Approved Captain's License Training
  • Masters & OUPV 
  • Six Pack to 100 Tons 
  • View more detail here > USMA 

Other Captains License Course Options:
The Adventures in Boating Washington Handbook

The handbook is designed to introduce new boaters
to their responsibilities for safe, environmentally
sound boating practices and to provide updated
information to those who have had experience on
the water. Boaters are encourage to carefully read
the material provided in this handbook and make 
a commitment to always practice the safety rules
when on the water. Boaters also will find important
environmental tips that if followed, will help ensure
others have the same opportunity to enjoy
Washington's wonderful aquatic resources. Keep a
copy of the Boating Handbook on board your vessel
to be used as a ready reference. 

The Adventures in Boating Handbook can be purchased on-line.  This Washington boating handbook is also available in free web and PDF versions.
Seattle Harbor Patrol:
Water & Boating Regulations & Information​

This booklet has been prepared for you by the Seattle Police Department for your boating and
water safety. You will find charts of regional waters, explanations of local laws, equipment and licensing requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions, including a directory of local marine safety agencies.