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Self-Driving Boats: the Next Tech Transportation Race

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 09/13/17

In this Aug. 15, 2017 photo, computer scientist Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik, of Sea Machines Robotics, uses a laptop to guide a boat outfitted with sensors and self-navigating software and capable of autonomous navigation in Boston Harbor. The boat still needs human oversight, but some of the world's biggest maritime firms have committed to designing ships that won't need any captains or crews - at least not on board. View full story at US & World News.


Hurricane Irma: This couple braved storm saving boats at marina

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 09/13/17

Scott and Shara Marconi at the Port of the Islands Marina where they worked tirelessly throughout the storm to keep the boats secured. The Marina is on U.S. 41 north of Everglades City on the west coast of Florida.

View full story here at


Crews search for man reported missing in Lake Union

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 07/23/17

SEATTLE (7/23) - Authorities searched for a man reported missing in Seattle's Lake Union Sunday morning.

Police and fire authorities responded to reports of a noise disturbance near the 1900 block of Westlake Avenue North just before 7 a.m. Callers said the noise was coming from a boat in the waters of Lake Union.

The people on the boat said that one of the passengers jumped into the water and never surfaced.

Witnesses on shore say the boat was entering a test course with a few people sitting on the bow. They say the boat appeared to speed up, tossing one of the people from the boat. No search results as of 7pm. Source: KOMO News


Bainbridge Shooting off a boat in Eagle Harbor

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 07/09/17

A man was shot by police after he emerged naked and stood on the deck of his boat holding a rifle early Sunday, July 9th.

The situation began around 9 p.m. Saturday after a man began firing randomly from a boat in Eagle Harbor....

The subject was randomly shooting at shoreline homes and then at responding officers. After hours of attempting to end the situation peacefully the subject was approached by officers on boats and ultimately shot and killed when he pointed a weapon at the officers. There were no officers or citizens injured," Washington State Patrol spokesman Russ Winger said in a statement released Sunday morning.

The shooter was located near a ferry repair terminal, and the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry was canceled around 10 p.m.  Source: Seattle Patch


Marina Fire in Everett - 5 boats involved - 4 sank.

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 07/09/17

EVERETT, Wash. -- Five boats were damaged Saturday night as a fire spread through an Everett marina. Four of the boats sank.


1 Dies, 3 Rescued After Crabbing Boat Swamps Off Naval Station Everett

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 07/02/17

Navy divers were able to save 3 of 4 people who were in a small aluminum boat that swamped just off the pier at Naval Station Everett.

Just before 8:00 AM this morning 9-1-1 began receiving calls of a small boat taking on water. Crews from Everett Fire, Marine Two with Everett Police aboard and Navy rescue all responded and found 4 people at a swamped boat.

One man was unconscious and a navy diver pulled a second man from the water.

CPR was started on two people and all four were taken to Providence Regional Medical Center by Everett Fire crews.

Everett Police impounded the boat and are investigating the incident. The source, does not know if the people in the small boat were wearing life jackets.


Extreme Sports Park land for sale; sprint boat events for this year canceled

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 07/02/17

PORT ANGELES — The Port Angeles property where Extreme Sports Park has held sprint boat races annually since 2011 is now for sale and all sprint boat events for this summer are canceled.

Windermere has A2Z Enterprises’ 85-acre property at 2917 W. Edgewood Drive listed at $975,000, calling it a rare opportunity to own heavy-industrial zoned land within city limits.

“It’s going to be very devastating to our community to not have any more events out there,” said Kelie Morrison, whose husband, Dan Morrison, is one of four partners who own A2Z.

“There were a lot of people involved out there that made this event happen, and they hate to see it go away.” View full story here at Peninsula Daily News.


What is up with the boat launch at American Lake in Lakewood? Another vehicle goes into the water!

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 06/03/17

Truck plunges into water at boat launch in Lakewood - Source: KING 5 News >

This happened at the American Lake boat launch on May 28th. No one was injured, but divers had to be called out to assist with the recovery. Darkness made the recovery difficult the night it happened, so the truck had to sit overnight.


Enjoy Father's Day weekend with nearly 50 Classic Yacht Association motoryachts at Bell Harbor

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 05/13/17

Approximately 50 Classic Yacht Association - Pacific Northwest Fleet vessels, many of them built prior to World War II, will be on display and most will be open to visitors throughout Father’s Day weekend at the Classic Weekend event at Bell Harbor marina is Seattle. View full Press Release here or visit their website.


Boat owners may have to get new hull identification numbers

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 05/13/17

The Office of Homeland Security is asking some boat owners to get new hull identification numbers as part of their annual registration process.

New boats are already outfitted with the compliant hull identification numbers. You can find them on the back right hand side of the vessel.

But there are thousands of boat owners who need to get new hull identification numbers and you're not supposed to put your boat in the water until you have them.

Boaters with non-conforming numbers have to hassle getting new plates for their boats, and that will involve a trip to a trophy shop.

Worst of all, no one seems to know what's behind the new requirements for the hull identification numbers. If you register your boat in Washington, contact the Department of Licensing. View full story at


Grand theft boat: Scallywags roam Washington’s waters

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 05/13/17

The state is fifth in the nation for boat thefts, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Florida had the most, followed by California, Texas and North Carolina.

Victims have only a 50 percent of chance of seeing their stolen vessels again. The top five types of stolen craft lead off with personal watercraft (the Jet Ski category), followed by runabout, utility, cruiser and sailboat. Many stolen boats are resold to unsuspecting consumers.

Before buying a boat, inspect it and review its paperwork. Make sure the Hull Identification Numbers all match. View full story at The Olympian...


Council approves $35K toward Gig Harbor Boat Shop marine railways project

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 05/13/17

The Gig Harbor Boat Shop launched a capital campaign in March to complete the marine railways project at Gig Harbor’s historic Eddon Boatyard.

A presentation at Monday’s City Council meeting from Ally Bujacich, community development director at Gig Harbor Boat Shop, outlined the project and highlighted the importance of the marine railways system to a working boatyard.

A marine railways system is used to pull boats from the water for repair or restoration and to return boats back to the water. The Eddon Boatyard marine railyways will consist of two carriages that slide along a rail powered by a refurbished 1945 electric winch.  View full story here at The News Tribune...


Read more here:

Boat hits whale near Whidbey Island

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 04/30/17

A boat hit a whale near Whidbey Island as whale watching vessels packed with spectators witnessed the entire incident.

The whale was a gray whale. It is one that has been spotted for many years in Puget Sound. It was swimming with a couple of other whales when a boat drove right over it. Witnesses say he stopped for a few "moments," then continued. The whale may have been the well-known "Patch," first photographed in the Puget Sound in the 1990s. Source and video at KING 5


Boat three years in the making launched in Port Townsend

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 04/30/17

The 36-foot Sea Beast, a motor sailor designed and built at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding with the help of students and local businesses, hit the water for the first time Friday April 28th at the Boat Haven Marina. Full story and source: Peninsula Daily News


Boat sinks, 2 others damaged in blaze at Shilshole Bay Marina - (Seattle) April 8th, 2017

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 04/18/17

Officials say the three boats burst into flames just after 12 a.m. Two of the boats were damaged and a third boat sank.   Source: KOMO


LAKE WASHINGTON SHIP CANAL – Fremont & University Bridges Notice for April 22nd 2017

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 04/05/17

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued a temporary deviation from the operating schedule that governs the Fremont Bridge (LLNR 18182), mile 2.6, and the University Bridge (LLNR 18235), mile 4.3, both crossing the Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle, WA.

This deviation accommodates the Brooks Trailhead 10K & 15K running event. This deviation allows the bridges to remain in the closed-to-navigation position from 0800 to 1015 on 22 Apr 17.

Vessels which do not require bridge openings may continue to transit beneath these bridges during the closure periods. The  bridge will be required to open, if needed, for vessels engaged in emergency response operations during this closure period. For additional information contact Ms. Barbara Rasaie at (425) 739-3700.


Capsized sailboat slams California pier

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 04/05/17

Beyond the NW: This is why skippers need to be aware of their surroundings and water conditions. This was completely avoidable.



Historic luxury yacht Olympus leaving Seattle after almost 70 years

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 02/23/17

The classic motor yacht M.V. Olympus which has been in the Pacific Northwest since 1942 has just been sold for an undisclosed price and will head out of Lake Union through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard for the last time on Feb. 26 as she heads to NY.

She will fuel up at Morrison's Fuel Dock on Lake Union around noon on Sunday. Boating enthusiasts may follow her up to the locks or view the lock passage in Ballard around 1:30pm.

View full story at: Puget Sound Business Journal.



‘Deadliest Catch’ host Mike Rowe opens up about Seattle-based crab boat lost in Bering Sea

by The Masthead | News & Blog on 02/18/17

SEATTLE — TV host Mike Rowe is opening up about his experience filming Deadliest Catch after being asked by fans why he hasn’t addressed the loss of a Seattle-based crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea.

Earlier this week, we told you that the crew of Deadliest Catch had posted on social media saying that their “thoughts and prayers go out to the crew members aboard the F/V Destination and their families.” 

View full story here at Q13 News.