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Windstorm Waves Rock Lake Roosevelt Boats
August, 2014 |
LAKE ROOSEVELT, Wash.— About one dozen boats collided Saturday during a massive windstorm on Lake Roosevelt. The storm was the last thing anyone on the Roosevelt Poker Run expected.

Arrest made in fatal Lake Washington boat crash
July, 2014 | King 5 News
SEATTLE - Police have arrested a 46-year-old Renton man, who was driving motorboat that collided with a sailboat on Lake Washington. He was booked into King County Jail on charges of homicide by motor craft.

Anchor hauled up; is it 222-year-old relic from Vancouver’s fleet?
June, 2014 | The Seattle Times
A crane  off Whidbey Island hauled up a lost ship’s anchor that a group of history buffs believe is the only surviving relic of Capt. George Vancouver’s famed 1792 voyage into Puget Sound.

Group proposes recycling old 520 bridge into public marina
May, 2014 | King 5 News
SEATTLE -- A new plan is being "floated" to recycle the old Evergreen Point Bridge across Lake Washington, and turn it into a public marina on Elliott Bay.

Crescent Bar Closed to Boaters for Summer 2014
May, 2014 | King 5 News
Businesses are feeling the economic ripples due to the damaged Wanapum Dam.Thirty-seven miles of the river upstream are now at historic low levels and due to public safety concerns are off limits to the public.

Centre designed to establish new paddling district in Nanaimo
May, 2014 | Nanaimo News Bulletin
The Nanaimo Boathouse Society will float concepts for a new civic paddling centre to the city’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission with hopes of getting early support to move the project ahead.

Bellingham Boat Builder Begins Work on 2 Ferries
April, 2014 | The Bellingham Herald
BELLINGHAM - A local waterfront boat builder is about to begin a major project that is expected to bring improved passenger ferry service to King County.

Boat sinks near Texada Island Women swims to shore
April, 2014 | CBC News
Initial reports were that the woman managed to survive a six-hour swim back to shore in the 10 C water. But police have since raised doubts about that scenario and say alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

For many boaters, annual preparation and deep cleanings are crucial for a successful spring launch. Winterizing your boat ahead of time not only adds years to the life of its motor but will make your launch that much easier. Prep now for smooth sailing later. View full article here.

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Emails making false allegations against Seattle boat dealer cost B.C. man $40,000

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/21/14

A British Columbia man has been ordered to pay $40,000 in damages for sending emails alleging a boat dealer was a child molester during a dispute over repairs.

Robert Turpin bought a 64-foot yacht from Ocean Alexander Marine Yacht Sales i...n Seattle in 2011, then discovered some of the windows were defective. Unhappy with the offer from sales manager Ray Prokorym, Turpin then sent emails to Ocean Alexander employees and others in the industry falsely alleging that Prokorym was a convicted sex offender. View full story at Vancouver Sun: Source: Boating Industry.

Something’s fishy about Seattle’s Fisherman’s Terminal - and that’s a good thing!

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/21/14

A KOMO News | Seattle Refind article:

Living in Seattle, we have a tendency to take great seafood for granted; we know that come spring, our halibut will have a soft landing in herbed butter. It’...s a given that we can drive to Fishermen’s Terminal and buy freshly-caught salmon just feet from where the boat docks. We can be confident our crab will still be crawling as we ready our crackers. But we rarely think about the great engine that pumps pristine seafood—and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economy—into our city. For more than 100 years, Fisherman’s Terminal has been the connection from the water—and all that it bears—and the city. View full story at KOMO News / Seattle Refind:

Vessel sinks near Campbell River, B.C: 2 missing:

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/19/14

Authorities spent the day searching for two men who went missing after a barge sank off the east side of Vancouver Island early Saturday morning.

The Canadian Forces' Joint Rescue... Co-ordination Centre in Victoria said it received the Mayday call about 2:30 a.m. PT.  Three men were on the vessel, described as a 67-foot steel landing craft, about five kilometers north of Campbell River, and it was taking on water.

The barge was less than a kilometer due north of the docks at the old mill when it sank in 72-metres of water, police said.  One of the men was rescued and pulled aboard an inflatable boat by crew members of an Alaskan ferry that answered the call for help. Full story at CBC News:

Coast Guard rescues two people from vessel taking on water near Sequim, Wash.

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/18/14

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard rescued two people after their vessel began taking on water north of Dungeness Spit, Sequim, Friday.

A 45-foot Response Boat — Medium crew from Coast Guard Station Port Angeles took the man and woman, both local residents, to the station. They did not require medical attention. 

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound in Seattle received a distress call on VHF-FM channel 16 around 7:31 a.m. from the owner of the 67-foot recreational vessel Lady A reporting that they were abandoning ship into their life raft.

Sector Puget Sound watchstanders issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast to alert vessels in the area of the distress situation.

Sector Puget Sound watchstanders directed the launch of the RB-M crew at 7:40 a.m. in response. An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles also launched shortly after. 

The crew of Tokyo Express, a 664-foot tanker vessel transiting the area, also launched a small boat crew to assist.

The RB-M and Tokyo Express crews arrived on scene around 8:09 a.m. and found the two people still aboard the Lady A. 

Both people were transferred to the RB-M and taken to Station Port Angeles. 

The Lady A reportedly sank in 180 feet of water with an estimated 700 gallons of diesel aboard.  No sheen has been reported. The vessel is not a hazard to navigation.

Pollution responders from Sector Puget Sound’s incident management division have been notified and are working with the owner of the vessel and the Washington State Department of Ecology to determine if the vessel can be salvaged. Source: USCG News Release.

2 car crash leaves boat adrift on I-5 in Downtown Seattle

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/13/14

KOMO News: SEATTLE -- Those driving on I-5 south through Seattle had quite the odd sight Sunday afternoon after a boat became disconnected from its vehicle trailer during a two-car crash and was left in "freeway dry dock" along the shoulder.

Troopers said the crash happened after 1 p.m. near the Albro exit and the boat, ironically named "Passin' Thru," ended up blocking two left lanes until a tow truck could help clear the scene. There were no reports of anyone hurt.

"Only in Seattle does a boat attempt to drive on the freeway," mused Trooper Chris Webb.V

Boating Basics: How to Winterize Your Boat - from BoatLIFE

by Northwest Boating Information on 10/09/14

For many boaters, annual preparation and deep cleanings are crucial for a successful spring launch. Winterizing your boat ahead of time not only adds years to the life of its motor but will make your launch that much easier. Prep now for smooth sailing later.  


It’s best to start with a thorough cleaning six months early for a seamless launch. Start inside and work your way out, cleaning the cabin, heads, and saloon, then scrubbing the topsides and deck. Use a good non-skid deck cleaner to remove dirt and debris from all the crevices. Clean your canvas and apply a fresh coat of waterproofer. Clean and protect any exposed teak. Apply a good coat of wax to the topsides and any fiberglass. Clean and maintain your bright work, especially if you have exposed exterior wood. Use a quality acid based bottom or hull cleaner to remove any fouling and give it a deep clean so oxidation doesn’t occur over the winter.

Engine Room

To properly maintain your engine, follow these winterizing procedures:

  • Change the Oil. Run the engine to warm it up, then change the oil. This will avoid any residue acids in the system and clear out any water that might freeze in the winter. Left in the crank case, the acids can corrode your motor internally causing premature wear.


  • Treat the Gas Tank. Fill the fuel tank almost to the top, then add fuel stabilizer to prevent varnish build-up in the lines, carburetor, and fuel injectors.


    When the temperature drops, the moisture condenses and results in water at the bottom of your fuel tank. This can fill your water separator and cause starting problems in the spring. Make sure the tanks are nearly full but not quite to allow for expansion in the spring when it starts to warm up. This will also avoid extra condensation.


  • Drain the Water System. If water sits in the engine and freezes, it will expand and can crack the block, manifolds, and outdrives. To prevent damage, you must drain water from your engine. Its important to note not to run the engine without water hooked up. Most marine water pumps feature a rubber impeller which will burn out in seconds without running water.


    For Inboard/Outboard Engines: 

    Flush the engine with clean water by connecting a standard garden hose and water flushers (flush muffs) to your cooling system. Double check your intakes, easily slide the muffs over, and make sure all the holes are covered. You don’t want any water escaping or air induced into your cooling system. Once the water line is hooked up, run the motor until the engine reaches normal operating temperature. This will guarantee that the stabilized (treated) fuel gets through the lines and doesn’t gum up over the winter.


    If you have an outboard, you’ll need to change the lower unit fluid as well. Remove the vent and drain plugs, attach the lower unit fluid pump to the drain, and pump the fresh fluid through the drain until the lower unit is full. Replace the vent plug.


  • Winterize the Block with Antifreeze. Once you’ve flushed and drained your engine, run antifreeze through the engine block and manifolds. Use a non-toxic antifreeze like propylene glycol which can be safely flushed or discharged overboard.


  • Lubricate with Fogging Oil. Spray fogging oil directly into the carburetor so it coats the carburetor completely. This will allow all the seals and cylinder heads to stay lubricated through the winter and also prevent rust.


Cabin and Interior

Mold and mildew are the biggest threats to interiors so it’s important to promote ventilation wherever possible. Open all drawers, cabinets, lockers, and doors. Place dehumidifiers throughout the cabin to absorb any moisture. Remove all food, clothing, and cushions to prepare the cabinet for long term storage. Deep clean the carpet. Remove batteries and take them home if possible. Make sure they’re fully charged and store them on wood (not concrete) as they will lose their charge and damage the plate.

Prepare the Exterior

Boats that are protected from the elements will stay drier and won’t develop stress cracks and gelcoat crazing from the thawing and freezing of the water on the deck. Cover your boat to keep the boat cleaner and prolong its life. For small boats, use a fitted cover to prevent dirt and debris. Poly cotton covers will breathe better than polyester covers but aren’t as strong and don’t wear as well. Make sure it’s loose enough to promote air circulation. Add a tarp to protect the boat, choosing one that’s longer and wider than the boat.

By following these general procedures and checking the owner's manual of both your boat and motor, you’ll not only help protect your boat through the winter but save time before relaunching in the spring. Do the dirty work now so you can launch with ease later.

This article is brought to you by BoatLIFE, a leader in marine maintenance products and boat care. For more information, check out the BoatLIFE  winterization checklist.



Visiting the downtown Seattle waterfront during construction - Bell Harbor Marina is open for business!

by Northwest Boating Information on 09/26/14

Waterfront Construction & Getting Around - News from the Port of Seattle: You may have heard the Elliott Bay Seawall is being replaced. You may have also heard downtown Seattle waterfront businesses will be closed due to the construction from October 2014 until June 2015. What you may not have heard is the seawall construction stops south of Bell Harbor Marina, the marina will be open for business, and there will still be plenty to see and do for boaters! View News at Port of Seattle.

Lady Washington in for a facial and more at Port Townsend Boat Haven

by Northwest Boating Information on 09/26/14

PORT TOWNSEND — One of the most prominent tall ships in operation is spending its down time in the Port Townsend Boat Haven this week as a two-week repair period finishes up.

After appearing at the Wooden Boat Festival earlier this month, the Lady Washington was hauled out of the water for maintenance and repairs aimed at refurbishing the propeller and repainting the hull, according to Capt. Ken Lazarus. See full story at Peninsula Daily News.

The 10 Best Cities for Boaters

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/27/14

A report from REDFIN shows Seattle as number 9 for the 10 best cities for boaters. See full report at REDFIN.

Elco Motor Yachts Launches New Line of Electric Outboards

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/27/14

ATHENS, N.Y. – Elco Motor Yachts, a leader in electric and hybrid marine propulsion for more than 120 years, is applying its expertise to the electric outboard motor category. The company is launching a new line of 5- and 7-horsepower motors that provide all the signature benefits of Elco’s electric inboard motors. See full story at Boating Industry:

A $26 Vessel Documentation Renewal Fee Is Coming Soon

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/20/14

August, 2014, The Coast Guard is amending its regulations to separately list an annual fee for renewals of endorsements upon the Certificate of Documentation.

This final rule separately lists a fee of $26 to cover the current costs of the vessel documentation services provided by the Coast Guard. It will increase the annual Certificate of Documentation fee collections so that they more accurately reflect the actual costs to the Coast Guard of providing the documentation services. See USCG press release.

2014 Boats Afloat Show Press Release:

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/12/14

More boats, new shoreside and in-water exhibitors, seminars, docking classes and new food vendors for 2014.

SEATTLE – August 11, 2014 – Regular attendees at Seattle’s 36th annual Lake Union Boats Afloat Show will notice quite a few new attractions this year —from the addition of seminars and in-water docking classes to a new layout, new exhibitors, new food vendors, and entertainment for the kids provided by Disney Radio. First-timers will no doubt be mesmerized by the wide variety of boats on display—from sport boats to sailboats, trawlers to mega yachts and everything in between. This year’s show is also notable for having more boats than any time since 2007. The show opens on Wednesday September 10th and continues through Sunday 14th, 2014 and is sponsored by Word Yachts. View full press release here.

BUI Arrests Down at Seafair

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/06/14

SEATTLE — The number of people arrested on suspicion of boating under the influence during Seafair weekend was lower as of Sunday evening than in years past.

Police said there were 30 BUI incidents, a reckless boating citation and one minor in possession of marijuana.

Last year, 67 people were arrested during Seafair weekend. Back in 2009, 110 people were arrested on suspicion of BUI. See full story at KIRO News:


Windstorm Waves Rock Lake Roosevelt Boats

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/06/14

LAKE ROOSEVELT, Wash.— About one dozen boats collided Saturday during a massive windstorm on Lake Roosevelt. The storm was the last thing anyone on the Roosevelt Poker Run expected.

The beautiful weather brought more than 60 boaters to the lake Saturday for the Roosevelt Poker Run. Then it took a turn for the worse. Boaters were hit with wind, rain, rain and large waves. Witnesses said the storm lasted for nearly 25 minutes as boaters struggled to hold onto their boats. 
See full report and video at


1 Person Hurt when Two Boat Collided on Lake Washington

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/06/14

August 6th, 2014 >  SEATTLE (AP) - Seattle police say two small power boats sustained a glancing blow as they passed each other Tuesday evening on Lake Washington. A 50-year-old woman was transported to a Seattle hospital for minor injuries to her ribs and back. See full report at KOMO News:

Boaters denied entry to Andrews Bay after Blue Angels

by Northwest Boating Information on 08/04/14

Those attempting to enter Andrews Bay on Seafair Saturday afternoon are left scratching their heads after being turned away. At the conclusion of the Blue Angels Air Show, vessels not associated with the log boom were cleared to proceed into the area. Many at the south end turning the corner around Bailey Peninsula into Andrews Bay got a shock when they realized the barge for that nights fireworks display was sitting right in the middle. Confusion ensued. View full story here.

It's Seafair Week!

by Northwest Boating Information on 07/29/14

The fleet is arriving today and tours begin on Wednesday. The Blue Angels arrived and a practice session over Lake Washington begins on Thursday. Hydro qualifying starts Friday and races on Saturday & Sunday. There’s talk of an air show Friday, Saturday and Sunday…Happy Seafair!

2 Boats Collide on Lake Washington Near Leschi

by Northwest Boating Information on 07/17/14

A young woman was killed Wednesday night when a sailboat and power boat collided on Lake Washington.

The operators of both boats are under investigation for boating under the influence of alcohol. The accident happened North of Leschi around 10:40 p.m. Both boats were towed to a dock located at Lake Washington Blvd and East Jefferson Street in Seattle. See KIRO 7 News report.


Information Released for the 2014 Lake Union Boats Afloat Show.

by Northwest Boating Information on 07/14/14

SEATTLE July 14, 2014 Seattle’s 36th annual Lake Union Boats Afloat Show will get underway this year on Wednesday September 10th and continues through Sunday 14th, 2014.  Click here to view full press release and details.

Victoria man to try paddleboarding across Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles

by Northwest Boating Information on 07/11/14

VICTORIA — A Victoria man will make an attempt to paddle his stand-up paddleboard across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Port Angeles, perhaps as soon as Sunday.

Darren Bachiu, 36, thinks he may be the first person to ever make the attempt on the surfboard-like craft.
He cannot find any record of anyone making the crossing on a paddleboard, which he uses to explore Vancouver Island's coast.

“This is a challenge. I will give it a go and hope to get it done on the first run,” Bachiu said.

If, for some reason he fails to make it on that first try, he said he plans to try again until he succeeds.

“I will paddle until my arms fall off,” he said.

The timing of his attempt will depend on tides and weather. Tides would work in his favor on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, and look even better on July 15, Bachiu said. See full story at Peninsula Daily News.

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BoatLIFE Boating Basics -
How to Winterize Your Boat
The beautiful weather brought more than 60 boaters to the lake for the Roosevelt Poker Run. Then it took a turn for the worse. Boaters were hit with wind, rain, rain and large waves. Witnesses said the storm lasted for nearly 25 minutes as boaters struggled to hold onto their boats.
Three of the seven people on the 21-foot sailboat were thrown in the water, Seattle Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore said. They included a woman in her 20s who died, as well as a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s. The injured man and woman were reported in serious but stable condition.
What is believed by a group of amateur historians to be an anchor from the Vancouver expedition is pulled out of the water off Whidbey Island. Plans are to have the anchor stored for viewing for several weeks in Port Townsend.  Photo: Steve Ringman / The Seattle Times
520 pontoon marina concept involves taking 2 of the bridge's 33 pontoons & dragging them to the Elliott Bay waterfront near Pier 50.  The marina would be protected by the large concrete structures. Source: King 5 News
The Grant County Public Utility District (PUD) which operates the dam, said a fracture at the base of the dam forced them to lower the river level to protect it. The PUD blamed the problem on a mathematical error made by engineers designing the dam 50 years ago.  Source: King 5 News
A Nanaimo not-for-profit organization is looking to transform the Newcastle Channel into a “paddling district”.The rendering by architect Ian Niamath provides a look of a new paddling centre. Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin
All American Marine hosted a ceremony on Friday, April 25, to kick off construction work on two aluminum passenger ferries for the King County Ferry District. Each boat will be about 105 feet long and carry up to 250 passengers.  Source: Bellingham Herald
Jordan Patrick Beaudoin, 38, of Sechelt, and his wife, who has not been identified, were on a five-metre (16-foot) open boat on their way back from a day of recreational fishing at the north end of Texada Island when they ran into trouble. Jordan was lost. Source: CBC News
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