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Weekly notices from the United States Coast Guard and Home Land Security. 
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The U.S. Coast Guard has approved a temporary deviation to the operating schedule that governs the Ballard Bridge, mile 1.1, that crosses The Lake Washington Ship Canal in Seattle, WA. The deviation will be from 1600 until 1900 daily beginning 19 Nov 14 until 31 Jan 15. The deviation is necessary to prevent roadway traffic backups during evening commute hours. This deviation will allow the bridge to remain in the closed position for an additional hour from 1600 until 1900 Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. The normal closure hours are 1600 to
1800, excluding federal holidays. To facilitate this event, the draws of the bridges will be maintained in the closed-to-navigation positions.

The U.S. Coast Guard has revised the draw span operating schedule for the SR-520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Construction activities will continue for the duration of the bridge replacement project until approximately 30 Aug 15. Vessels which are impacted by the closure of the east channel that are not able to navigate through the west channel of the existing bridge may request an opening of the center draw span for passage. Boaters may request a draw span opening by calling WSDOT at (206) 440-4490. Eight temporary white mooring buoys (six on the
north side and two on the south side) marked with white lights flashing every 4 seconds (Fl W 4s) have been deployed near the bridge for the mooring of construction barges and shown as chart corrections in LNM 05/13 for chart 18447. For up to date schedule changes and special event schedules for the SR-520 Bridge, please visit WSDOT’s web site at: The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR-520) between Seattle and Bellevue shall operate as follows (revised schedule):

East Span:
  • 1. Currently, the east navigation channel under SR-520 is blocked by construction activities. When open, the navigation channel will be marked with green and red buoys, and a chart of the channel is available from the WSDOT web site. Unfortunately, due to construction equipment that cannot be moved, the vessel clearance within the navigation channel has decreased from 64 feet to 59 feet. All mariners with vessels taller than 59 feet must continue to use the floating bridge center draw span.

Center Span:
  • 1. The draw need not open from 0630 to 0959 and from 1500 to 1900 Monday through Friday, except Federal Holidays other than Columbus Day.
  • 2. The draw need open only on the hour and half hour from 1000 to 1430 every day of the week, if at least 2 hour advance notice is given.
  • 3. The draw will open on request at all other times if at least 2 hours advance notice is given.
  • 4. Telephone requests for bridge opening may be directed as collect calls to the Highway Radio, or made by direct telephone communication through the Seattle Marine Operator, Station KOH,  or through other marine wire or radiotelephone service.

West Span:
  • 1. Vessel traffic is restricted to a narrow navigation channel marked by red and green buoys, shown in enclosure (6) of this LNM. Exclusion area buoys and signage will mark the four Pontoon Alpha submerged anchor wires.
  • 2. Eight temporary pilings (two groups of four pilings) marked with yellow lights flashing every 4 seconds (Fl Y 4s) have been placed in the southeast part of Union Bay near the west end of the bridge for the temporary mooring of pontoons. Refer to LNM 05/13 chart 18447 for temporary chart corrections.
  • 3. The west channel has a vertical clearance of 45 feet.
  • 4. 12 temporary barge mooring pilings have been placed on the north side of the bridge just west of the west navigation channel. All 12 pilings are marked with quick flashing yellow lights (QY), which may be obscured at times when barges and other equipment are moored at the site. West Approach Project: A temporary trestle structure will be constructed north of the existing SR520 bridge. It will extend from the west end off the existing SR520 bridge and extend to the new SR520 bridge construction. The trestle will be lighted with white flashing lights spaced every 100 feet and with retro reflective material. Construction of the trestle will be Monday through Saturday, 0700 until 0500 the next day. The temporary trestle will be in place until June 2017.

WK 38-14: PUGET SOUND – SEATTLE TO BREMERTON - Two Temporary Research Buoys Deployed.
On 24 September 14 NOAA deployed two grey conical shaped sensor testing buoys in central Puget Sound in positions: 47-43-30.0N, 122-23-48.0W and 47-43-12N, 122-24-00.0W. Both buoys are marked with a FL Y 4s (flashing yellow four second) light and are to be removed prior to 01 January 15. For more information contact Mr. Christian Meinig at (206) 526-6149 or Mr. Matthew O'Leary at

WK 38-14: SEATTLE TO OLYMPIA – COLVOS PASSAGE NORTH - Harper Fishing Pier construction near Southworth
The Orion Marine group will be commencing constructing of the new Harper Fishing Pier, located North of the Southworth Ferry Terminal and East of Blake Island between 29 Sep 14 and 12 Dec 14. Hours of operations will be 0600 to 1800, Monday through Thursday. The Crane Barge Big Bob and Material Barge 196 will be installing piling and steel superstructure. During working hours the barges will be on anchor wires, and during the evening they will spud down and slack off anchor lines. The barges will be marked with fixed white lights on each corner. The barges will monitor VHF-FM channel 16 and can also be reached at (253) 219-7862.

WK 36-14: SWINOMISH CHANNEL SOUTH ENTRANCE – Scheduled Dredging in September 2014
American Construction Co., Inc. will conduct dredging operations between Swinomish Channel South Entrance Buoy 1 (LLNR 18785) and Swinomish Channel South Entrance Light 11 (LLNR 18815). Dredging will commence on or about the week of 25 Sep 14 and continue to no later than 15 Feb 15. Operations will be conducted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day until complete. The dredge barge DB Mukilteo and dump scow Lummi Island will be utilized. All dredged material will be towed to and dumped at the Rosario Strait Open Water Dump Site via Swinomish Channel with Deception Pass as an alternate route. Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting the waterway due to the shoaling that is being dredged and observe a no wake request of the operator. All deep draft vessels, including sail boats, are requested to contact the DB Mukilteo foreman on VHF-FM channelS 68, 69, or 78 or mobile phone 425-870-3226.

The Hiram M. Chittenden large lock will be closed for an annual inspection and maintenance repairs as of 0001 on 08 Nov 14. The planned reopening is scheduled for 1600 on 30 Nov 14. This large lock closure is longer than normal due to contracting requirements. The small lock will remain operational during this period. For additional information, contact the Navigation Facilities Supervisor, Mr. David Carpenter at (206) 789-2622 ext. 202, or the Lockmaster on duty at (206) 783-7000.

Partial waterway obstruction during South Park Bridge construction (Revised from LNM 13/14)
The South Park Bridge over the Duwamish Waterway has had a deviation from the operating schedule approved by the USCG . From 30 Mar 14 through 2359 on 01 Sep 14, the drawbridge will remain closed to mariners needing a full channel double bascule leaf opening unless a 12 hour notice is provided. Mariners that only require a single leaf half channel draw bridge opening will be given an opening upon signal. A draw tender will be present 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. To request a single leaf opening, mariners may utilize any of the following methods: (1) via VHFFM radio channel 13; (2) telephone, James Richards (206) 510-6871, Mike Stengle (253) 377-5531 or Josh Miller (360) 621-6413; (3) one prolonged blast followed by one short blast followed by one prolonged blast. All double leaf openings require a 12 hour notification by VHF-FM radio channel 13 or telephone; double leaf openings will not be granted when requested by signal. The bridge shall operate in accordance to 33 CFR § 117.897 at all other times. Construction vessels will monitor VHF-FM Ch 14 and 16. Mariners are requested to transit the construction area with no wake.

WK 31-14: WASHINGTON – SEATTLE TO OLYMPIA – NISQUALLY REACH - Military Airborne Water Drop Exercise
The U.S. Army will be conducting a military airborne water drop exercise between 1200 and 1700 on 19 and 20 Aug 14. The exercise will consist of four small boats and 20 personnel. This exercise will take place in the east end of Nisqually Reach in approximate position 47-08-31.9N, 122-39-37.3W, between Anderson and Ketron Islands. Vessels involved in this exercise will monitor VHF-FM channel 16. For more information contact MSTG Travis Price at (253) 967-8845 or

Construction of the Explosives Handling Wharf (EHW) #2 at Bangor Submarine Base at approximate position 46-45-09N 122-43-23W is being conducted until 09 Jan 16. There may be up to eight anchor buoys and two mooring buoys deployed in the area immediately surrounding the work site. Mariners can expect material barges, crane barges, tug-push boats, and work skiffs within the vicinity of the EHW piers. The majority of activity will occur within the floating security barrier. Mariners are requested to transit at a slow speed and reduce wake. Working vessels will monitor VHF-FM Channels 18A and 88A. For more information, contact Mr. Bill Eskins at (678) 449-8650.

WK 31-14: WASHINTON – STRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA – HALE PASSAGE - Construction work Gooseberry Point Terminal
Orion Marine Contractors, Inc. will be working to renovate the Lummi Island Ferry Gooseberry Point Terminal from 11 Aug 14 to 27 Sep 14. A temporary storm mooring buoy has been established in Fisherman's Cove in approximate position 48-43-47.67N, 122-40-05.09W. The buoy is white with a blue stripe and displays a flashing white light. Orion Barges 1601 and 196, along with support tugs will be operating in the area and will monitor VHF-FM channels 16 and 68. For more information contact Mr. Dan Zimmerman at (253) 552-1149, (360) 580-6727 or at

WSDOT will be performing expansion joint replacements on the I-90 bridge east bound located between I-405 and the Mercer Island off ramp on I-90. Containment tarps will be installed under each expansion joint to capture demolition debris (most of the debris will be captured on the road way surface). Mariners are advised to use caution when transiting under bridge expansion joints (enclosure 8). During installation, for approximately 6 hours apiece at each location, vertical clearance will be reduced by approximately 12 feet (4 foot containment structure, and 8 feet of under bridge heavy equipment). Sail boats are advised to not transit under the expansion joints if possible. During containment system installation, there will also be work boats in the water that will be monitoring channel VHF-FM channel 13 if passing arrangement need to be made. Work will start on 14 Jul 14 with the demolition operations starting on 16 Jul 14 with an estimated completion date of 15 Aug 14.

WK 27-14: WASHINGTON – EVERETT – SNOHOMISH RIVER – SR 529 Special Bridge Notice
WSDOT will be conducting inspections on the underside of the Snohomish River Bridges (SR 529) at RM 3.6, in Everett, WA from 14 – 18 Jul 14. The inspection crew will be using Under Bridge Inspection Trucks (UBITS) to access the underside of the structure from the bridge deck. The UBITS will give way and avoid any potential conflict between vessel traffic and inspection equipment. The SR 529 Bridges provides 38 feet of vertical clearance above mean high water elevation while in the closed position.

The entrance to the southern Swinomish Channel has a history of shoaling, therefore, mariners are advised to transit this waterway at the highest tide possible and exercise good seamanship and voyage planning. Multiple vessel grounding has occurred in the channel westward of Goat Island between Swinomish Channel South Entrance Light 11 (Light List number 18815) and Swinomish Channel South Entrance Buoy 1 (Light List number 18785).

WK 22-14: WASHINGTON – LAKE WASHINGTON SHIP CANAL – SR520 BRIDGE – Special bridge notice
The USCG has issued a temporary deviation from the normal operating schedule that governs the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (SR 520) across Lake Washington. This deviation allows the draw span to remain in the closed position and need not open for maritime traffic from 0930 until 1800 on 14 Jun 14. This deviation is approved to accommodate road traffic for the UW graduation ceremony. The bridge will be required to open, if needed, for vessels engaged in emergency response operations during this closure period.

Salvage operations will be conducted at the southern end of Admiralty Bay in Puget Sound during day light hours on 09 Jun 14. The operation will be about 700 yards from the shoreline at approximate position 48-06.0N, 122-36.3W. Up to four vessels will be used in fixed positions, and divers working in the water. The lead vessel in charge is the Kay Gee Lady, and all vessels will monitor VHF-FM channels 16 and 68. Mariners are requested not to approach the operation any closer than 200 yards for diver safety. For more information, call (206) 478-1175.

WK 22-14: WASHINGTON – PUGET SOUND – APPLE COVE TO POINT KEYPORT – Temporary lighted buoy deployed
NOAA has deployed a temporary research lighted buoy southwest of Spring Beach at approximate position 47-43-36.0N, 122-23-54.0W. The buoy is grey, conical shaped and marked with a flashing yellow four seconds (FL Y 4s) light. This buoy is scheduled to be removed prior to 01 Sep 14. For more information contact Mr. Christian Meinig at (206) 526-6149 or by e-mail at

WK 17-14: WASHINGTON – HOOD CANAL – SEABECK – Temporary lights
Four (4) flashing yellow four second lights have been temporarily set at approximate position 47-38-36.1N, 122-49-47.7W. These lights are temporarily in place while a new marina is constructed in Seabeck, WA.

WK 11-14: WASH. – ADMIRALTY INLET - Virtual AIS position Puget Sound Traffic Separation Lane “SB” to be created
The U.S. Coast Guard will be creating a Virtual AIS (Automatic Identification System) identifier at the following position in Admiralty Inlet: Puget Sound Traffic Separation Lane V-AIS “SB” (LLNR 16502) in position: 48-06-47.016N 122-29-40.428W The Virtual AIS message will not correspond to any physical buoy but will be broadcasted from an AIS Base Station to coincide with the position listed above. Vessels with AIS capable systems will be able to see the symbology and other information on their displays. For more information about AIS, Mariners should read enclosure (6) to this Local Notice to Mariners and/or go to the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center website page

WK 11-14: WASH. – SEATTLE – DUWAMISH WATERWAY -Partial waterway obstruction South Pk. Bridge construction
Kiewit-Massman will be obstructing part of Duwamish Waterway near the existing South Park Bridge, with less than 50 percent of the waterway obstructed through 30 Jul 14. The company will leave the bascule leafs in the lowered position to facilitate the construction schedule through 30 Jul 14. Marine traffic that requires the bridge to open, Kiewit-Massman request at least 12 hours in advance notice to open the bridge. Construction vessels will monitor VHF-FM Ch 14 and 16. Mariners are requested to transit the construction area with no wake. Points of contact will be James Richards (206) 993-0528 or Mike Stengle (253) 377-5531.

The USCG NAVCEN is proposing an off air date for Robison Point, WA DGPS (887) for preventive maintenance on 09 Apr 14 from 1000 until 1300. An alternate date will be 10 Apr 14 from 1000 until 1300. No lost of DGPS coverage is expected. For additional information or objections, contact Navigation Center DGPS Operations at (703) 313-5902, or at:

WK 10-14: WASHINGTON – PUGET SOUND – SHIP CANAL – Changes to Aids to Navigation at Shilshole Bay Entrance
The U.S. Coast Guard is proposing to make a number of changes to the Aids to Navigation for Shilshole Bay Entrance. These changes are proposed due to consistent discrepancy status of the Shilshole Bay Entrance Range. To correct these discrepancies would entail the removal and brushing of a vast number of tress at the Commodore Park, and on private property. This proposal is designed to eliminate the need to remove the foliage and still provide navigational safety at the entrance. The following changes would be made: 

  • Shilshole Bay Approach Lighted Buoy “S” (LLNR 16785 & 18110): Disestablish as no longer necessary for safe navigation.
  • Shilshole Bay Entrance Buoy 1 (LLNR 18125): Change to Shilshole Bay Entrance Lighted Buoy 1, with a green flashing light, every 2.5s (Fl G 2.5s) and a nominal range of 4 NM.
  • Shilshole Bay Entrance Buoy 2 (LLNR 18130): Change to Shilshole Bay Entrance Lighted Buoy 2, with a red flashing light, every 2.5s (Fl R 2.5s) and a nominal range of 4 NM.
  • Shilshole Bay Breakwater Light 3 (LLNR 16790 & 18140): Change the light characteristic to a green flashing light, every 4s (Fl G 4s) to prevent misidentifying the light with Shilshole Bay Entrance Lighted Buoy 1.
  • Shilshole Bay Entrance Range Front Light (LLNR 18115): Change to Shilshole Bay Entrance Direction Light, displaying an green Occulting light every 4s (Oc G 4s), increase the intensity and narrow the display of the light to be shown 1.5° either side of the channel

Map Overiew:

WK 09-14: WASHINGTON – SWINOMISH CHANNEL – Reported shoaling in the South Entrance
Shoaling has been reported in the Swinomish Channel, on the north side of the channel between Swinomish Channel South Entrance Daybeacon 13 (LLNR 18826) and Swinomish Channel South Entrance Light 11 (LLNR 18815) in the vicinity of Goat Island. The USACE survey from Nov 2012 shows the channel varying from 8 feet to 14 feet in the vicinity. The southern Swinomish Channel has a history of shoaling, therefore, mariners are advised to transit this waterway at the highest tide possible and exercise good seamanship and voyage planning.

WK 09-14: WASHINGTON – LAKE WASHINGTON – State Route 520 Bridge - Special bridge notice
The US Coast Guard has issued a public notice announcing that the State of Washington is requesting approval for a permit amendment to the location and plans for State Route 520 General Bridge Permit 1-12-13. The proposed amendment will only affect the west approach bridge north (WABN) portion of the State Route 520 (SR 520) Bridge project, specifically to the final design of the west approach bridge north (WABN) structure. Public Notice 02-14 solicits comments and is available at Question or comments can be addressed to the Bridge Administrator, Mr. Steve Fischer at (206) 220-7282, or

The USCG has approved a deviation to the operating schedule of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad drawbridge in Steilacoom, WA. This deviation allows the BNSF drawbridge at mile 0.0 to remain in the closed position and need not open for maritime traffic from 0001 on 20 Feb 14 to 2359 on 26 Feb 14. All other times, the bridge shall operate in accordance with 33 CFR 117.35(e). To request an opening mariners are requested to contact Ms. Ogonek at (206) 625-6130, or Mr. Berry at (913) 940-4393. Any other questions may be addressed with the D13 Bridge Administrator at (206) 220-7282.​